Saturday, February 13, 2010

Al-Maktaba Al-Shamela COMPLETE with all 5000 books (Compressed Version)

This is of course would be faster and in the same time, you can not use the other one without altering the files, so it is kind of impossible to continue seeding it if you want to use it.

I will continue seeding the other extracted one until everybody already there gets it and then disconnect. This one will be the primary one.

Here is the description from the other torrent:

Assalamo Alaykom,

This is Al-Maktaba Al-Shamela software

Extremely useful and extendable interface. Try these pages for more info and  You can add books from many different formats, link them to authors, search any number of them, export them, etc etc. A great option it has is Tafsir Al-Quran interface. You click on any aya and choose any of tens of tafasir to instantly see what it said about it. You have also Al-Ahadeth Al-Sehah linked to their shorouh, and so many other options like these. An extremely useful research tool.

Instead of downloading a book by book, this web site has collected all available books so far, about 5000, listed here: They had the files compressed and partially uploaded to free sites which is pain to download! I downloaded them all, and uploaded them in this torrent file.

Refer to this page for instructions on setting up the program. Also, detailed explanations are in the folder "Libraryملحقات."
Download torrent
Shamela ALL.torrent

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i wanna download maktaba al shamila

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