Saturday, January 9, 2010

18 coloured picture vowelled arabic stories for Kids


Kalila wa Dimnah
18 coloured picture vowelled wisdom َArabic stories for (advanced) children

Stories include
1. In serving a lion
2. The lion and the ox
3. The ruin of the sinful
4. A trail of injustice
5. The rabbit and the lion
6. The cheating camel
7. The turtle and the birds
8. The able pigeon
9. The rat and the crow
10. The deer and the turtle
11.The battle of owl and the crows
12. The spying of the owls kingdom
13. The eyes of the moon
14. The horse of the king of frogs
15. The monkeys heart
16. The fool and the Weasel
17. The rat and the squiral
18. The wize bird

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