Monday, January 11, 2010

Arabe en 40 Leçons

Langues Pour Tous - Arabe en 40 leçons [Languages For All - Arabic in 40 lessons]
Author: Boutros Hallaq
Publisher: Presses Pocket / Collection 'Langues Pour Tous'
Publication date: 1998?
Format / Quality: mp3 (ripped from cassettes, but good quality)
Size: 95.7 Mb + 70.4 Mb

This is the audio support, ripped from 3 cassettes, of Langues Pour Tous - Arabe en 40 leçons.
This book was later published with the title Parlez arabe en 40 leçons: no change in the text as far as I know, but the typography is much improved and the text much readable. Among other reasons, it's why I decided not to scan the old book. But a scan of a more recent edition would be welcome.

Part 2:

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