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Arabic grammar

Arabic grammar of the written language + Key


Arabic grammar of the written language

During the last ten years of my teaching of Arabic
I have often found that my pupils had received much
help from Harder's Arabic Grammar 1 , and have been
asked whether there was a similar work in English.
When 1 was asked by the firm of Julius Groos to write
such a work using Harder to any extent, I gladly
consented, and trust this Grammar may be useful to
many students of Arabic, who cannot read German.

The present work is a grammar of Arabic as it
has been and is written. The spoken language varies
in Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Morocco etc. but the written
language is the same for all; the chief difference
between the modern and ancient literature consisting
in the introduction of new words to meet the require-
ments of advanced knowledge.

Each lesson should be thoroughly mastered before
the next is studied. Each exercise should be carefully
worked and compared with the key.

In the supplement only a few extracts from older
books are given, as the Koran and other works of this
class can easily be obtained. Special attention is given
on the other hand to selection from modern novels,
journals and correspondence.

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Key to the Arabic Grammar of the Written Language

(~110 pg)Read Online
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