Friday, January 8, 2010

Read and Write Arabic / Quran

Learn to Read and Write Arabic / Quran

Multi Choice Exercise The Multiple Choice Exercise required users to select the correct Arabic word after hearing its pronunciation.

Reading ExerciseThe Reading Page provides users the opportunity to compare their pronunciation of the words and letters with the native speaker's pronunciation.
The user records their pronunciation by pressing the "Record" button. The by clicking the "Replay" button the native speaker's pronunciation and the user's reading are replayed consecutively.

Writing Page The Writing Page illustrates how each form (isolated, initial, medial and final) of each letter is written.

Animation is used to illustrate stroke formation and direction. In additional to each individual letter, examples of the formation of words using the various forms of each letter are presented.
Notes explaining special features of each letter or word are also presented.
Users can also practice writing letters and words themselves and receive instant feedback.

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