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Travel to France (in English)

Location: It includes the island of Corsica.
Area: 210,026 sq mi (543,965 sq km).
 Population (2002 est.): 59,440,000.
CapitalParis. The people are mainly French. Language: French (official).
 Religions: Roman Catholicism (three-fourths), Protestantism, Islam.
 Currency: euro.
Regions: France has extensive plains, rivers, and a number of mountain ranges, including the Pyrenees and the Alps.
Climate and Land: The climate is generally moderate. About three-fifths of the land is suitable for agriculture, and forests, largely unexploited, cover about one-fourth of the area.
Economy: France has a developed mixed economy with a preponderance of small firms. Its chief of state is the president, and the head of government is the prime minister.
Goverment The legislature consists of two houses. France is one of the major economic powers of the world and was a founding member of the European Community
Cultural, civilization and Backgrounds, France has enjoyed a significant role in the world from the early Middle Ages. Archaeological excavations in France indicate continuous settlement from Paleolithic times. In с 1200 BC the Gauls migrated into the area, and in 600 BC Ionian Greeks established several settlements, including one at Marseille. Julius Caesar completed the Roman conquest of Gaul in 50 BC. During the 6th century AD the Salian Franks ruled; by the 8th century power had passed to the Carolingians, so named for the influential reign of Charlemagne. The Hundred Years' War (1337–1453) resulted in the return to France of land that had been held by the British; by the end of the 15th century, France approximated its modern boundaries. The 16th century was marked by the Wars of Religion between Protestants (Huguenots) and Roman Catholics. Henry IV's Edict of Nantes (1598) granted substantial religious toleration, but this was revoked in 1685 by Louis XIV, who helped to raise monarchical absolutism to new heights. In 1789 the French Revolution proclaimed the rights of the individual and destroyed the ancien régime. Napoleon ruled from 1799 to 1814, after which a limited monarchy was restored until 1871, when the Third Republic was created. World War I (1914–18) ravaged the northern part of France. After Nazi Germany's invasion of France during World War II, the collaborationist Vichy regime governed. Liberated by Allied and Free French forces in 1944, France restored parliamentary democracy under the Fourth Republic. A costly war in Indochina (see Indochina wars) and rising nationalism in French colonies during the 1950s overwhelmed the Fourth Republic. The Fifth Republic was established in 1958 under Charles de Gaulle, who presided over the dissolution of most of France's overseas colonies (see Algerian War; French Equatorial Africa; French West Africa). In 1981 France elected its first socialist president, François Mitterrand. From 1986 through the beginning of the 21st century, France balanced a form of divided government known as "cohabitation," with a president and prime minister of different political parties

Exercise: Translate above para from English to Arabic

Republic: جمهورية, دولة جمهورية, رجال الأدب
government : حكومة, سلطة حكم, سيطرة, علم السياسة ,الحكومة
Economy: اقْتِصاد‎
Industries: صناعة, مثابرة, جد, كد, مواظبة
Diplomatic: دبلوماسي, لبق
Communist: شيوعي
Capital: رأس مال, عاصمة, حرف كبير, أساسي, حرف إستهلالي, تاج العمود, متضمن إعداما, مال
Relations: مناسبة, نسب, علاقة, صلة, رابطة, معاشرة, مخالطة, رواية, حكاية, سرد, نسيب, اتصال,ذو القربى
Reform:    , ‎ إِصْلاحٌ‎  الفعل: قوم; أصلح; حسن; غير من إخِقه; تهذب; تحسن; نظم
Civilization حضارة, مدنية, تمدن, الشعوب المتحضرة, مدينية
Dynasty: سلالة حاكمة
proclaimed :   الصفة مُصَرَّحٌ بِهِ ; مُعْلَن  الفعل صَرَّحَ ; نادَى ,نادى, أذاع, نشر, شهر, أكد, أعلن, صرح, نادى ب, ظهر, دل
surrender الفعل أَذَلَّ ; أَسْلَمَ ; أَلْقَى السِّلَاح ; أَنْزَل الْعَلَم ; اِنْصاعَ ; اِنْقادَ ; خَشَعَ ألاسم إِذْعان ; إِطَاعَة ; اِئْتِمار ; اِسْتِسْلام ; اِسْتِكَانَة ; اِنْصِياع ; اِنْقِياد ; خُضُوع
Nationalists: المؤمن بالقومية
incursions اسْم : غزوة . غارة 

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