Saturday, February 13, 2010

Learn Arabic Now! 2CDs ISO

"Arabic Learning Collection" which happens to be my torrent that i uploaded externally, but then someone put it here. Same happened with Arabic Language Learning Collection 2...though this time I uploaded Collection3 myself.

This software is in torrent for collection 1, but its very slow to get the one piece of software due to lack of seeders and i no longer have it all on my hard drive.
Also this is ISO while my old torrent is in .mdfs format.

Please seed when you finish.

I will keep seeding until there are others to take over.
If there are other things people want from those collection to be uploaded separately because they are to slow to download then PM and i will rip them again.


Learn Arabic Now! Version 9.0 Master CD + Bonus grammar CD

Learn Arabic Now! Version 9.0 Master CD + Bonus grammar CD

CD 1 = Master program CD
CD 2 = Bonus grammer CD

Format: 2 * ISO files.

Description + Screenshots

ArabicNow! Deluxe with 6 language-learning Titles and an additional learning tool

The Most Common Words in Arabic (with dialog practice)
Survival Phrases for Arabic (with dialog practice)
Unified Arab Market Still A Dream (with illustrations)
Dialogues with Naguib Mafouz (with illustrations)
Morocco: A Tale of Two Cities (with video)
Transliterated* Survival Phrases for Arabic (with dialog practice)

GlobalWriter98 (Windows Only), a word processing program to help you write in over 100 languages.

Yes! "There is a better way to learn Arabic"

With ArabicNow!, you'll learn by immersing yourself in Arabic. You'll participate in real conversations, read interesting articles, and watch intriguing videos from Arabic-speaking countries.

Engaged in this rich multimedia experience, you may never feel like you're studying, and the fact that you are actually using Arabic becomes transparent.

Features & Benefits
Over 10,000 Words
Hundreds of Useful Phrases
Full Motion "Big Picture" Video
Full Native Speaker Pronunciation
Record, Playback and Compare
Advanced Pronunciation Analysis
SlowSound to Hear Every Nuance

Alphabet Reference


Conversation Practice
Word Dictation
Grammar Tutorial
Word and Root Search

Vocabulous!, Crosswords, and More Interactive Games
Video Unscramble
Online Testing
Personal Progress Tracking
Plus Much More!

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