Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alif Baa with DVDs : Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds

ألف بـاء DVD1 ( units 1 - 4 )
1.73 GB
Newly revised and packaged with DVDs containing both audio and video exercises, Alif Baa with DVDs: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds, is the first part of the Al-Kitaab program. It teaches learners to recognize and produce both letters and sounds accurately through a variety of exercises designed to develop listening, reading, and writing skills. In addition, it introduces a range of Arabic from colloquial to standard in authentic contexts, video footage of an Arabic calligrapher, and a large collection of street signs from Morocco, Egypt, and Lebanon. In conjunction with learning how to read and write the alphabet, Alif Baa introduces about 150 basic vocabulary words, including conventional forms of politeness and social greetings. Standard Arabic vocabulary is more evenly distributed throughout the book, introduced through color pictures on DVD and activated through book and classroom exercises. Social greetings are introduced through new versions of dialogues that take place in an Egyptian context. Finally, Alif Baa includes capsules on Arab culture as well as an English-Arabic glossary. Alif Baa provides the essential first twenty to twenty-five contact hours of instruction that lay the groudwork for the rest of the Al-Kitaab language program.
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ألف بـاء DVD1 ( units 1 - 4 )
DVD 2 and 3 will be Added Soon insha allah
Alif Baa Textbook PDF (5 MB)
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Answer key new scanned copy 2010
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Alif Baa: Answer Key pdf ( less than 1MB)
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