Monday, April 12, 2010


Language is everything.
Language is a dialect with an army and navy - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Language is the process of. In the sounds forming the. For the objective reality being conceived. When discussed as a general phenomenon then, "language" may imply a particular type of human.

Language is especially important when an individual is amongst the weakest in society, thanks to a lack of education, wealth, connections, and so forth. It also benefits society as a whole, as it increases interaction, makes teachers' lives easier and means the state has to spend less money on things like translations. Therefore it makes sense for the government and local councils to provide services in order to achieve this. Which is why it is wrong that one local council is essentially. The founder of a renowned language service facing massive council funding cuts said she was “very sad” it was being axed after receiving an mbe for her 28 years with the organisation. Rosalind carter was head of hounslow language service (hls) for nearly three decades, and it developed a national and international reputation for supporting children and families.... Hls now helps more than 7,000 youngsters from ethnic minorities to develop their english. But hounslow council announced last year it would end its â£686,000 annual subsidy - axing up to 80 jobs and leaving just a handful of teachers and staff. Mrs carter, who retired as head of hls three years ago and now works as a part-time adviser, is among those who could face the axe.
For example, british sign language (bsl) differs notably from asl. Different sign languages are used in different countries or regions. The exact beginnings of asl are not clear. Many people believe that asl came mostly from french sign language (fsl). Others claim that the foundation for asl existed before fsl was introduced in america in 1817. It was in that year that a french teacher named laurent clerc, brought to the united states by thomas gallaudet, founded the first school for the deaf in hartford, connecticut. Clerc began teaching fsl to americans, though many of his students were already fluent in their own forms of local, natural sign language. Today's asl likely contains some of this early american signing.
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