Sunday, May 16, 2010

ALIF is for ASAD: Discover the Arabic Alphabet- MP4

ALIF is for ASAD! ( MP4 Format ) [ 94MB ]

Finally a fun way to learn Arabic!' Now everyone can teach children to recognize and pronounce the letters of the Arabic alphabet - with the help of this activity-filled video. Through catchy sing-along songs and colorful graphics children will learn the letters while also expanding their Arabic vocabulary. The video includes the following sections: Zoo Trip - learn 28 letters and animal names through the title song, Alif is for Asad; Animal Names - practice the animal names, in English and Arabic, and see them written on-screen; Funny Formations - learn construction of the letter shapes as groups of children make the shapes of the letters with their bodies; Letters in Space - travel the galaxy retrieving the Arabic letters that have been scattered by a meteor; ‘Phabulous’ Phonics - a fun song over stop-motion photography which teaches the differences between certain sounds in Arabic and similar sounds in English; Arabic Achievement - the `grand finale’ another animal song but this time entirely in Arabic. This video is a `must’ for anyone trying to teach the Arabic alphabet!

Uploaded By Abu-Ibrahim


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