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A Grammar of the Classical Arabic Language, 4 Volumes in 7 Parts

A grammar of the classical Arabic language
tr. and compiled from the works of the most approved native or naturalized authorities, with an introduction
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Author: Howell, Mortimer Sloper
ISBN: 8121200318
[ Price: RS. 7,000.00, US$ 155.56 ]
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A Grammar of the Classical Arabic Language, 4 Volumes in 7 Parts

Arabic is one of the great languages of the world. With its obvious regional varations, it is spoken by the inhabitants of a vast region in Western Asia and Northern Africa. Besides, being the language of Islamic religion and culture, it is cultivated, with great veneration, by the Muslims all over the world. During the glorious days of Baghdad Caliphate, Arabic became the vehicle of science, philosophy, and history. Its literature is highly cultivated and developed and covers almost all branches of human knowledge. Arabic bridged the gulf between the East and the West during the medieval times. The Classical from of the Arabic language is by no means dead or obsolete. A living language with tremendous vitality as it is, the Arabic language has wonderfully retained its basic character, with least change, since the pre-Islamic days to the present time. The native and naturalized Arabs made great contributors to the study of their language, both in grammar and lexicography. In conformity with he Prophet’s injunctions, “ Seek is better to turn to the Arab grammarians for a thorough study of the Arabic grammar. The present work is the most comprehensive grammar ever written, of the classical Arabic language. The work is not simply a reconstructed descriptive grammar by a European specialist, but is a faithful exposition of the best grammatical works in Arabic by native authorities. All the unique features of Arabic have been scientifically and systematically analysed with examples drawn from classical authors. Each of the three main features of the language, viz. the nouns, the verbs and the particles have been discussed in all possible details in lengthy chapters running into hundred of pages.
Contents : The Introduction / The Parts and Figures of Speech / The Noun / Chapter / The Noun in General / The Generic Noun / The Proper Name / The Inflected Noun / Nominatives / The Accusatives / The Genitives / The Appositives / The Uninflected Noun / The Pronouns / The Demonstratives / The Conjuncts / The Verbal Nouns and Ejaculations / The Uninflected Adverbs / The Compounds / The Uninflected Metonyms / The Dual Noun / The Plural Noun / The Indeterminate Noun and The Determinate / The Masculine Noun and The Feminine / The Diminutive Noun / The Relative Noun / The Numeral Noun / The Abbreviated and Prolonged Nouns / The Nouns Connected with Verbs / The Infinitive Noun / The Active Participle / The Passive Participle / The Assimilate Epithet / The Nouns of Time and Place / The Instrumental Noun / The Triliteral Noun / The Quadriliteral Noun / The Quinqueliteral Noun / The Verb / The Verb in General / The Preterite / The Aorist / The Imperative / The Transitive and Intransitive / The Passive / The Mental and Transmutative or Factitive Verbs / The Non-Attributive Verbs / The Verbs of Appropinquation / The Verbs of Praise and Blame / The Two Verbs of Wonder / The Triliteral Verb / The Quadriliteral Verb / The Particle / The Particle in General / The Prepositions / The Particles Assimilated to the Verb / The Conjunctions / The Negative Particles / The Premonitory Particles / The Vocative Particles / The Particles or Assent and Affirmation / The Exceptive Particles / The Particles of Allocution / The Connective or Redundant Particles / The Expository Particles / The Infinitival Particles / The Excitative Particles / The Particle of Approximation / The Particles of Futurity / The Interrogative Particles / The Conditional Particles / The Causative Particle / The Particle of Reprehension / The J s / The Quiescent of Feminization / The Tanwin / The Corroborative / The 8 of Silence / The and of Pause / The Particle of Disaproval / The Particle of Trying to Remember / The Common Processes / Common Processes in General / Imala / Pause / The Oath / The Alleviation of Hamza / The Concurrence of Two Quiescents / The Predicament of The Initials of Words / The Augmentativeness of Letters / The Substitution of Letters / Transformation of the Unsound / Incorporation / Appendix – Specimens of Parsing.
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